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DMoore Detailing was started by Douglass Moore in October 2005. It is a stream-lined car washing and auto detailing company who believes in cleaning out your vehicle, not your wallet.

At DMoore Detailing, our mission is to create happiness through our professional detailing services and our purpose is to exhibit a philosophy of servanthood! We believe in premier experience and strives to provide our customers with the best by impressing them with attention to detail, professional demeanor, and superior quality. Our services accentuate the already attractive features of your vehicle through an array of unique auto-detailing techniques. We offer flexible scheduling and convenience to our clients. With over years of experience, our technicians have mastered preserving new vehicles and reconditioning older vehicles. We use quality products and the newest technology in each and every service we provide. Depending on your vehicle, we also provide numerous detail packages that can be customized to fit your specific detailing needs.

Our promise to you!

DMoore Detailing is dedicated to bringing supercilious detailing processes combined with the effective service. Our logistics, competitive rates, and customer service model is the best in the auto detailing industry. We place customer satisfaction and client’s priorities at first among all of our business practices.

We provide an array of excellent services including waxing, exterior & interior detailing, wheels/tires cleaning, vinyl protection, corrosion protection, fiberglass restoration, overspray removal, and polishing. A regular routine of professional auto-cleaning from us helps in preventing rust and corrosion, so your vehicle will remain new for years to come. 

All the auto detailing requests are welcome; cars, trucks, RVs, motorcycles, golf carts, and watercrafts etc.

Exceptional Detailing Services

Your Automobile, Motorcycle, Boat & RV Detailing Experts

Over 15 years of DMoore Detailing experience at your home or office.

Auto Detailing

Feel the power of a clean car!

DMoore’s Detailing auto detailing service is the best all around the area. We clean every inch of your vehicle with every possible detail until it’s as close to new as it can be. You’re guaranteed to say ‘perfect’ after we’re done.

Our services include waxing & washing, compounding, leather cleaning & conditioning, carpet & upholstery shampoo, mirror scratch removing, headlight restoration, odor eliminator, overspray removal, and a variety of other services. We serve all types of vehicles including trucks, RV's, buses, cars, and watercraft.

Why do I need to detail my car?

Regular detailing (our recommendation is to auto-detail your vehicle 1-2 times in a year) is great preventative maintenance that not only prolongs the life and value of your vehicle, but it also assists in protecting your car from the elements– wind, grime, rain, and snow.

Exterior Detailing

This is what it feels like to have your car shine!

DMoore's Detailing exterior detail services don't just clean your vehicle but details it from top to the bottom.

Our exterior detailing services include an exotic car wash, paint correction, restoring exterior  surfaces such as headlights, trims, wheels, emblems, and glass. Many brand new vehicles are devalued most of the times by swirl-marks, buffer trails, leftover sanding marks from inexperienced detailers, water etching and scratches. We can professionally remove these stains with accuracy and will create an unmatched gloss, clarity, and depth for your paint.  With a variety of successful paint corrections, we are experienced to bring your cherished car back to a better-than-brand-new look. With proper maintenance and detailing, you are actually increasing the value of your vehicle while giving it a stunning and protected finishing.

Paint restoration is our specialty and this is what our staff loves to do. But as life throws many challenges to the exterior of your vehicle so, we’re here for you! Don’t feel discouraged if your vehicle has been affected by road paint, concrete, graffiti, or tree sap. It might seem impossible to remove but we have dealt with many of these scenarios. Simply, let us examine your vehicle for a quote and we will schedule an appointment as per your convenience.

Interior Detailing

We get it! There's nothing more unsatisfying than seeing coffee stains in your car’s cup holders, a thick layer of salt stains on your carpet, and dust on your dashboard. However, it is comforting to enter into your vehicle with a look and feel of a brand new car.

Our interior cleaning service goes well beyond steam cleaning salt from carpets and wiping down dust.Our qualified staff will also help you to restore faded materials such as burned leather, upholstery, and suede. We clean and sanitize everything before we are done.

Did you recently bought a used vehicle from a friend who used to smoke? It would be really nice to get that smell and bacteria out of your car permanently, right? We have successfully dealt with hundreds of smoke smell embedded interiors with ozone and steam machines, and every smoke smell removal treatment went successfully.

We offer a great range of interior detailing services, such as deep cleaning, reconditioning and refinishing services to make sure your vehicle's interior is perfectly cleaned.

Paint Correction

We provide you the satisfying paint corrections in case of removal of swirl marks, discoloration due to oxidation, and shine restoration.

Utilizing experience, the latest generation of ceramic coatings, and state-of-the-art tools, DMoore Detailing offers the finest in paint correction & protection. Based on three-dimensional molecular frames, Gtechniq Crystal Serum®, GL Quartz®, and Opti-Coat Gloss Coat® create an extremely hard, durable, and clear ceramic layer of paint for superior resistance to etching and scratching. With a dirt repellent finish, these paints provide the owner with an hydrophobic surface that is easier to maintain and harder to damage.

Headlight Cleaning

Sunlight, abrasive elements, and oxidation can contribute to the fading of your headlight lenses, rapidly decreasing your safety on the road. It was revealed by CAA studies that 30% of headlights show opacity which reduces their lighting effectiveness by up to 50%. According to research, headlights restoration can increase visibility at night by 92%. DMoore Detailing takes this matter very seriously and goes beyond the recommended guidelines by CAA for restoring polycarbonate and glass lenses. Our systematic headlight cleaning services are specifically designed to repair opaque and yellow headlights by removing all swirl marks,oxidation, deep scratches, and haziness.

Why Choose Us?


Nothing beats our mobile detailing services. Our complete mobile detailing services will make your vehicle shine better than ever.

Do you want to clean your vehicle cleaned, protected or restored at home, office, apartment or anywhere else?. Our mobile detailing van is equipped with pressure washers, shampoos, power machines and every other thing that is needed to offer the best mobile car wash.DMoore Detailing doesn’t stop there, we pick up your car and deliver it back to you. We restore and recondition your vehicle with industry's leading products, procedures, and techniques. We only use the most reputable and trusted brands. With every mobile car detail, we aim to bring out the best.


Over years of experience in the detailing industry, we are committed to delivering quality services. We have served both private and public sectors. Our customers choose us not only to access our special expertise but for a trusted experience.


Using the best products, the right equipment, and proper techniques, we consistently provide quality and value car detailing services to our customers.

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You deserve the best in DMoore Detailing and we deliver the results you expect. Schedule your next detailing appointment today!

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